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one-shots. may contain mature content if u wish but only to a certain extent. no gore, vore, rape, detailed death scenes, etc.
a short comic in full color
colored image
a complete sketch in full color
line art
a basic, fully inked sketch without colors


Starscream's Victory ::screencap:: by cottoncandy903
Starscream's Victory ::screencap::
this is a screencap of The Transformers: The Movie that I used as a reference to draw the image here

u can see the edited version here

Starscream and Transformer belong to :iconhasbroplz:
Starscream's Victory ::sketch:: by cottoncandy903
Starscream's Victory ::sketch::
this is the original sketch of the image that can be seen here

here's the reference I used

Starscream and Transformers belong to :iconhasbroplz:
Starscream's Victory by cottoncandy903
Starscream's Victory

I know I haven't uploaded anything in awhile but I finished this and decided to post it.

I was given the idea to draw this while I was watching The Transformers: The Movie with my boyfriend. this expression is seen as he's about to toss the battered frame of Megatron out of Astrotrain and into space. our thoughts? that face

this was drawn by me and edited on photoshop

original sketch:

Starscream and Transformers belong to :iconhasbroplz:
i know the game was released about 7 years ago but, honastly, how many of u wonderful people liked Sonic the Hedgehog, also known as Sonic '06? what about the game did u like? what didn't u like? i want to know what u thought of the game. my thoughts:

what i liked:
:bulletwhite: animation quality
:pointr: the movements of each individual character expresses their personalty, subtle actions being quick, rigid, and sharp, fluid, graceful, and smooth, or something somewhere in between
:pointr: it rly shows off the wonders of modern animation
:bulletyellow: scenery
:pointr: the locations and backgrounds r beautifuly done, simple yet complex
:bulletpurple: easy to play
:pointr: the controls r simple, making getting ur character to do what u want easy
:bulletpink: the levels
:pointr: they provide a challenge without being too difficult
:pointr: it intoduces new, beautiful, and exciting levels but also brings back old favorites
:bulletred: game play
:pointr: it provides veriety by allowing u to not only play as Sonic, but as Shadow, Silver, and the various supporting characters such as Tails, Knuckles, Rouge, Omega, Blaze, and Amy as well
:pointr: in between levels, u can buy new abilities, do challenges, and play mini-missions
:pointr: u can play from different points of view, allowing u to see three different sides of the same story
:bulletblack: Silver the Hedgehog
:pointr: his appearance consists of 5 clusters of quills on his forehead and 2 large clusters on the back of his head, breacking away from the 5 clusters of quills on the back of head seen on Sonic, Shadow, and classic Amy
:pointr: he introduces the unique ability to use psychokinesis, or telekinesis, the ability to move objects with the mind, allowing him to throw large objects and people without evr touching them, lift them and himself into the air, and, when he goes super, create shields of light
:pointr: though his appearance is often made fun of and he can be a bit naive, he is a character we love and serves as a great addition to the cast

what i disliked:
:bulletorange: plot
:pointr: the story line is weak, lacking any amount of solid ground to support it
:pointr: some parts of game make no sense
:pointr: there r too many pieces that serve little to no purpose within the whole, having a few is good and helps to add richness and detail, but having too many only helps to bore the audience
:pointr: it's rushed and lacks the necessary, large amounts of brainstorming and fore-thought needed to make a game that long time fans, as well as new ones, young and old, will love
:bulletgreen: dialogue
:pointr: just like with the plot, there r too many pieces that serve little to no purpose within the whole, having a few is good and helps to add richness and detail, but having too many only helps to bore the audience
:pointr: little thought was put into it, leading to a lack of quality
:pointr: the characters' lines clash with their personalities on several occations
:bulletblue: Eggman
:pointr: he lacks the egg shape that gave him his name, looking too much like Professor Gerald
:pointr: there's no evil laugh
:bulletwhite: chaos control and time traveling
:pointr: there is too much warping from place to place and traveling back and forth between the future, past, and present, making the game overly confusing and hard to follow
:bulletyellow: Elise
:pointr: she is basically useless, making her a pointless character
:pointr: the game focuses too much on her and not enough on the main characters and storyline
:bulletpurple: super-speed stages
:pointr: they'r extremely difficult
:pointr: movability is reduced greatly making them hard to navigate through
:pointr: u loose all of ur rings when u run into something and its hard to get more
:pointr: there r no goal posts so if u run out of rings and then run into something u have to start the stage all over again
:bulletpink: ending
:pointr: Sonic's death basically killed the entire plot because, even though he's revived, one of the main things about Sonic games is that none of the good guys die!
:pointr: at the vry end of the game Sonic and Elise go back in time to when Iblis was nothing more than a tiny flame and put him out, erasing the events of the game and basically making all of the hard work u put into finishing the it pointless

to sum evrything up, Sonic '06 is a poorly thought out atempt at re-creating Sonic Adventure. Sonic Team's rush to finish it before the end of 2006 to celebrate the 15th aniversery is obvious in the hurried quality and lack of planning. Sonic '06 is exactly y, when u make games to celebrate the aniversery of a franchise, u start production before the year of the aniversery it celebrates and is a perfect example of how not to make a Sonic game.

what r ur thoughts on the game?
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